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By becoming a homeowner in our residential community you have just received the ability to spend your days in a pollution free environment with a mean temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit in a beautiful rain forest setting overlooking the Esti river valley and the lake outward to the Pacific Ocean. Bella Vista Del Mundo is a place where dreams and fantasies become a REALITY!

In addition to the improvement you will receive in your health and environment and just your overall quality of life, the investment potential is a reality as well. If the homeowner so chooses, he or she can place the villa or the rancho in the rental pool and the property management will lease the same to potential renters for the evening, week or monthly basis. The rental income could pay for your investment over time while you enjoy your time at Bella Vista Del Mundo.  

As noted in the photos above the river Esti borders the community on the East, and has a beautiful 30 meter water fall where one can swim and relax while enjoying the peace and tranquility of Mother Nature in its natural and pristine setting.  Along the River Esti there are numerous waterfalls with pools deep enough to swim in the slow moving current beneath the large rainforest trees. One can hike or go by horseback through the rainforest trails as one explores the River Esti Valley.

No signs of civilization, pollution or noise.  Just you and Mother Nature and the sound of the river Esti as it makes its way down the mountain and through the valley to the lake below and onward to the Pacific Ocean.The numerous amenities offered within the community will not leave one bored. Please visit the tabs, “AMENITIES” and “ACTIVITIES”, for more information.

The nature hikes, bird watching, horseback riding, the waterfalls, and the River Esti are available and waiting for you on the day you want to partake. Bella Vista Del Mundo will have an equine center where you will be able to rent a horse for a day or stable your own horse year round. The natural pathways to the beautiful waterfalls of River Esti will make your day and put your mind at ease! 

However, if one just wants to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Bella Vista Del Mundo there is the full spa treatment with beauty salon, massage therapy, swimming pools, jacuzzi and last of course an exercise facility in the hotel complex. The shops, the restaurants will provide great cuisine and drink that one could only find in special places. 

But fear not, if the amenities provided within the community is not sufficient to satisfy the individual’s desire for diversity then please visit the tab marked, “ACTIVITIES” and “BEACHES”. The central location ofBella Vista Del Mundo in the highlands of the Province of Chiriquí allows one to go to all the exotic locations in the Province on a day trip and back to your peaceful and serene home or home away from home.  A homeowner is only a one hour drive from some of the best offshore and inshore fishing in the World. You can charter for offshore fishing for big game tournament fish such as black or blue marlin, tuna, dorado and wahoo. The inshore fishing is just as good, as well.

If you are interested in snorkeling, scuba diving, or camping and exploring deserted islands off the shore of Boca Chica, you can do so. One can rent a Panamanian Panga and visit one of the most beautiful Islands, Isla De Bolanos, which has some of the most pristine white sand beaches you will encounter anywhere. This adventure is just a day trip and you are back in your comfortable home in the coolness of the highlands for your evening meal. 

Not for the faint of heart but extremely exciting, for the individual who likes a workout, white water rafting is available up to categories lV and V. One can take some of the best white water rafting in the world on a day trip from Bella Vista Del Mundo in Chiriqui. Yes even better than Costa Rica! 

At Bella Vista Del Mundo you do not need to live on the beach to experience the same. You can drive to first class beaches on the beautiful Pacific or travel to Bocas Del Toro and sun on some of the best white sand beaches of the Caribbean all in the same day if you like! All of this is available for you to enjoy when you live, relax in the tranquil coolness of Bella Vista Del Mundo.

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