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Bella Vista del Mundo - Shopping

Look No Further Many people may not realize that Panama is a shopper’s heaven. Travelers from all over Central America come here to buy everything from electronics to designer clothing. You probably won’t believe your eyes when you spot a much coveted item or brand at a half or even a third of the price you’d expect in your home country. The amount of high-profile stores opening their doors every month is good for the local economy, and your pocketbook.

The face of shopping is changing in other ways, too, with a number of multi-level malls to be found. The most frequented in Panama City are Multi Plaza and Albrook Mall - and for good reason. They are both safe, easy to access, fully air-conditioned, with great parking. However, if a mall is not your preference, there are still many fine department stores and small boutiques to be found. David which is only 35 miles from Bella Vista Del Mundo has two very good shopping malls and a Pricemart. One can find all the necessities for living in David with out problems.

But What about Food? Again, you will be surprised to find so many products that are familiar to you. Quality meat, produce and name-brand household items are easy to find in Panama. Located in David is the number one supermarket Super99 and locally famous ‘El Rey’ Supermarket. Both are open 24 hours! Should you be unable to find an item you are home-sick for, mention it to the Manager, and they might just be able to get it for you. There are two other major supermarket chains located in David as well.

Online Shopping For those few items you can’t find here no matter how hard you try are available online. and other well-known websites have proven extremely reliable sources for all of those ‘extra’ needs. While you can have items shipped to Panama directly; an easier, common and usually more cost effective method is the ‘Miami P.O. Box’. Several local companies offer a service whereby you register for a mailing address in Miami. Your mail arrives at that address and is then brought down to David or Boquete, Panama within about three days.

Should you desire to visit Boquete for dinner or lunch, it is only 35 mile drive by auto where you have quaint and exquisite restaurants and shopping.  The Pueblo of Gualaca with service stations, markets, and a medical clinic is only 20 minutes from Bella Vista Del Mundo by auto.  The City of David with first rate restaurants, hotels, casinos, supermarkets, pharmacists, doctors, dentists, and hospital are only approximately 35 miles away on an asphalted national highway.  All the comforts and necessities of a modern society while you live in pollution free pristine peaceful rain forest.




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